spine chillers web series

Estate Sale

Written & Directed by: Paul B. Harris
Starring: Paul B. Harris, Robert J. Gordinier, Carol Ilku and Christopher Dinnan
running time: 16:10
genre: Thriller
budget: $250
time frame: 4 Days

Spine Chillers Web Series is a haunting new suspense/horror series. From the twisted minds of Josh Becker (writer/director of the hit SyFy film, Alien Apocalypse), Paul Harris and Chris Dinnan (writer/director of the feature film Zeitgeist), scored by famed composer, Joe LoDuca (Evil Dead), and with a special upcoming guest appearance by Bruce Campbell.  Spine Chillers Web Series reinvents the suspense/horror genre with wild, edgy, imaginative tales that are creepy, scary, sexy and funny too.  Fact or fiction?  Tune in to Spine Chillers Web Series here or on YouTube and find out for yourself!

Haunting tales of horror and suspense!!

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